Solo Exhibitions

1979-81 Studies at the New York Studio School. Sculpture, Painting, Drawings and 19th and 20th Century Art history. Ford Foundation grant award 1980-81.
 2015 Public Sculpture Commissioned, “Double DNA Helix” by the Municipality of the City of Bridgeport Ct. Optimus Health Care Building, East Main St. Bridgeport Connecticut, USA.
 2013-15 Construction of the “Dome House” Sculpture Project, Prototype, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
 2012  Corporative Commission, Commissioned, by RT, TV Station, Boom Bust”. Kinetic Animation Background for the broadcast room
2009 State Museum of contemporary Art, Thessaloniki Greece, “Techno Rituals” Guest artist for the Biennale 2. Sponsor by the Department of cultural affairs. Catalogue printed with text written by Donald Kuspit, Comments by George Zarkadakis, Frank Popper, Louis Zona, Thomas McEvilley and Jean Sy. Batiste. “Techno Rituals” by Vivi Vassilopoulos, Culture magazine, O Cosmos to Ependiti, August 2009.
2009  The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, Connecticut,” Transmitted FrequenciesCurated by Linda Malkin “Light and Magic” By Philip Rotman, Sciences Magazine February 2009.
2008 The Butler Institute of American Art, Beecher Center, Technology and Art Rituals” curated by Louis Zona. Catalog printed with text written by Louis zona, Donald Kuspit and Thomas McEvilley. “Electrifying the world of art,” by Dimitri Michalaki, Neo Magazine.
2007 Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ. “Is it real or Fiction?” Animaited Reality Project.
2005  2005  Sani Resort Festival, Halkidiki Greece, “Art works from 1983 -1987”, Cureted by Olga tabouri.
2004  State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece,European Contemporary Art –The Art of Balkan Countries”  Curated by Irina Subotic and Miltiadis Papanikolaou, Catalog printed with text written by Irina Subotic and Miltiadis Papanikolaou. “Contemporary Greek
Artist” by Katerina Koskina and Evgenios D. Matthiopoulos, Publish by Melissa, Athens GR.
2002  2002   Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Krumlov, Czech Republic, “Time Timeless” Curated by Gerwald Sonnberger, catalog printed with text written by Gerwald Sonnberger.
2001  Public Sculpture commissioned “The Twisted Obelisk” by MAVA and the Municipality of Nea Philadelphia Greece. “Atelier” by Andreas Moutefelis, Oikos & Kipos, magazine, Spring 2001, Athens GR.
2000 Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, New Jersey, “Millennial Synergy, Sci+Art+Tech” Curated by Kristen Accola, catalog printed with text written by Kristen Accola. Sponsored by Merck Company Foundation and Lucent Technologies, New Jersey State Council of Arts and Partner of the National Endowment of the Arts, The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation “Broadening Horizons,” Robert Makin, Courier News, February 29, 2000 “When Artists Meet Scientists,” Dan Bischoff, The Star Ledger, March 3, 2000 “Electros Millennial Synergy,” Michele Mercadal, Sculpture Magazine, March 2001.
1999 Museum Moderner Kunst, Passau, Germany, “The Kinetic SpectrumCurated by Gerwald Sonnberger “Piep-Tone und blinkende Lichterketten,” Helmut Wagner, Landshuter Zeitung/Straubinger Tagblatt Aug. 6, 1999 “Mixed-media Skulpturen” Ariane Freier, Passauer Neue Presse, July 31,1999. “Wir sind Teil der industriellen Revolution,” Angelika Mayer and Stefan Rammer, Passauer Neue Presse, Aug. 4, 1999“Die spanned Kunst der Hightech-Gesellschaft, Edith Rabenstein, Passauer Neue Presse, Sept. 13, 1999
1999  Puplic Sculpture, Commission, “Luminos” Carrefour Plaza, Maroussi, Athens, Greece
1998 Osaka Triennial, 9th International Art Competition MYDOME, Osaka, Japan, represented The U.S.A. Catalog printed with text written by Kimura Shigenobu Kwok, Kian Chow, Nakahara Yusuke, Nakatsuka Hiroyok,, Rottenberg Anda, Yaguchi Kunio.
1998 Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington State, “Techno-fiction” Installation Curated by Brian Wallace and Richard Humphrey “Techno-fiction” essay by Leon F. Becca. “Gizmos for the Millennium,” Victoria Ellison, The Seattle Times, February 1998 “A Magical Pull,” Victoria Josslin, Seattle Post – Intelligencer, February 13, 1998. “Good Enough for Government work” by Keith Kloor, Iconography “Anti-Oedipus” THE SHIENCES, magazine, September 1998 NY. “The Virtual Surgeon” By Rchard M. Satava. Iconography, “The Digital man” November 1998, THE SHIENCES, magazine NY.
1997 Contemporary Art Museum of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA, “Forces” Curated by Richard Humphrey “The Art of the Future,” Catherine Dorsey, Portfolio Weekly, October 7, 1997 “Exhibit is Frightening and Fun,” Teresa Annas, The Virginian – Pilot, October 19, 1997 “High-tech Touch,” Jonathan Berry, Soundings, October 15, 1997.
1997 ACP Gallery, Salzburg, Austria, Hyper fiction” Organized by Peter Schuengel
1997 Newark Museum, Newark, New Jersey, “Electros at the Project Room” Curated by Joseph Jacobs and Berta M. Sichel. Catalog printed with text written by Berta M. Sichel. “Spy Detectors” by Mary Beth Aberlin and Emily Laber. Iconography “Electro-city” THE SCIENCES November 1997 NY.
1997 GAZI Art Center, Athens, Greece, “Electros and New Media”Organized by the Municipality of Athens, Curated by Katerina Koskina. Catalog printed with text written by Donald Kuspit and Maria Kakavoulia. Sponsored by Alpha Credit Bank. “Critical Notes and Reviews,” by Sania Papa, ARTI, magazine, November 1997 “Art and Technology,” Hari Kabouridis, Ta Nea, May 28, 1997. “Technology and Beauty,” Nikos Xydakis, Kathimerini, June 15, 1997 “Art and Entertainment,” Mary Sinanidis, Athens News, May 1997
1996 Hofmann-La Roche, Ltd., Public Sculpture commission awarded for the Centennial Anniversary. “The Proportions of the Human Body,” (new version), Kaiseraugst, Basel, Switzerland
1996 185 Varick Corporation, NYC, Sculpture commissioned, “The Binary Inc”
1995 ARTEC ‘95, International Biennale Nagoya City Science Museum, Nagoya, Japan, Represented USA, Installation, “The Binary Era,” He was the recipient of the Award of MERIT at ARTEC’95. Catalog written with text written by Takamichi Ito, Koichi Omura, Mitsuhiro Takemura, Fumio Nanjo, Riichi Miyake, Shigeki Mori, Yoshitomo Morioka, Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, and Kazuo Yamawaki. Awarded winning recommendatory prize of the 4th International Biennale “ARTEC continues,” Julia Cassim, Japan Sunday Times, May 14, 1995.
 1995  Die Leube-Gruppe, commission awarded for the Program Z2,The Orgone Box” Gartenau, Austria.
1994 United States Post Office, Canal Street Brach, NYC, sculpture commissioned, Anti-Oedipus“The Information Age” The Discovery of Debugging, By Brian Hayes, Iconography “Stand Clear of Hazard Area” THE SCIENCES July 1993 NY. World Tour magazine “Vector” Iconography “The Chrominance Signal” July 1993 Atlanta Giorgia.
 1993  Junge Kunst Museum, Frankfurt (O), Germany, The Binary Era Curated by Dr. B. Rieger-Jaehner. Organized by Angelika Jansen. Sponsored by Deutsche Bank Catalog printed with text written by Thomas McEvilley, “Das Innenleben eines Computers als Kunst?” Karin Otto, Frankfurter Stadtbote, Jan.16/17, 1993
 1992  Jansen-Perez Gallery, San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California, “The Digital Series” Organized by Angelika Jansen. Catalog printed with text written by Donald Kuspit “High-tech Spiritual Art Themes,” Marcia Goren Weser, San Antonio Light, November 3, 1992 “The Digital Series,” Dan R. Goddard, San Antonio Express News, “Machine Images,” Olga Victoria Karra, The New York Magazine, 1992
1991 Museo del Chopo, Mexico City, Mexico, “The Digital Series” Curated by Paloma Porraz and Montserrat Gali Boadella. Catalog printed with text written by Montserrat Gali Boadella. “The Digital Man en el Museo del Chopo,” Victor Manuel Gasca, Critique, March 1, 1991 Electros Exposiciones en el Museo del Chopo, Gazeta Uman, June 17, 1991
 1990  William Paterson Museum, Wayne, New Jersey, “The Silicon Season” Curated by Nancy Einreinhofer, catalog printed with text written by Nancy Einreinhofer “Electros featured in Exhibit,” Carole Rafferty, The Beacon, February 5, 1990 “Silicon Paintings show positive and negative effects of Technology,” Eileen Watkins, The Sunday Star Ledger, February 18, 1990
 1988-90 Completed research, on architectural integration in sculpture and functions with Technology.
 1988 East Hampton Center for Contemporary Art, East Hampton, NY, “Without Gravity” Grant provided by Suffolk County under the Auspices of the Office of Cultural Affairs, “Profile,” Mei Shih, Arts Magazine, November 1988 “From the Studio,” Rose C.S. Slivka,

The East Hampton Star, June 30, 1988“Contrasting Two Exhibits,” Alexander Russo, The Hampton Press, June 20, “Downtown Tonight,” Manhattan Cable, a 20-minute program

 1987-88 Research studies, in the United States and Europe.
How new technologies function with electronic application in art
 1986 Rosenberg and Kaufman Fine Arts, NYC, “CosmotopiaCatalog printed with text written by Judd Tully
 1984 Kara Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, “Utopia”. “More Primitive Power,” Will Grant, Art speak, February 16, 1984
 1982 New York University, 80 Washington Square, East Gallery, NYC, “The Nuclear Age” “New York from Downtown,” Theodore F. Wolff, The Christian Science Monitor, June 1982