The anticipation that something is about to happen starts: little beeping tones and sounds and rhythmic motions of colorful flickering LEDs awakens you to the fact that there is more going on than meets the eye. My art work can not be interpreted by any museum tradition.

My art work projects an automated or progressive trans-cultural world. My media is made up of electronic parts, surplus materials and various imaginative devices assembled into concepts of Art that generate movement. I construct a techno-fictional world by using light, motion, sound, repetition, with press down and expand or compress features.

It is a world or zone unto itself within which more spectacular events happen. By using on/off light over motion and motion over sound, visual experiences can have greater meaning and connect with deep interior spaces exploring kinetic consciousness.

High tech and Low tech concepts are formed by changes of repetitive motions or activated schematics which is in harmony with/or syncopated oppositions to the changes of light. In counterpoint to these technicalities, the geometry of the structures and shapes alludes to that which is eternal and unchanging. The making of each project is an ongoing never ending journey and exploration.

It is a way for me to come in touch with both the artistic and technical disciplines as well as politics and meta-physics. We are entering the era of nano-technology and the age of nano-machine with the miniaturization and the disappearance of the physical form aesthetic of the present machine. The world of electro-mechano kenetics is coming anyway with or without anybody’s wish.

The integration of existing technological advancements and electronic images will always be the tool of future artistic expression. In spite of the fact that the world attempts to impose on history (by promoting certain views, ideas, strategies and types) a particular spirit of an age, ART remains immensely memorable, deeply emotional and pleasurable for the eye.